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You are my hero!

You arrive at your parent’s home to take your mom to her doctor’s appointment. You had scheduled the appointment months ago, and you called last night as a final reminder.

Mom answers the door in her pajamas and asks, “What are you doing here? I wasn’t expecting you today.”

You remind her of the doctor’s appointment, and she casually brushes it off with an excuse that it slipped her mind. You think of how that has happened more and more… forgetting appointments, misplacing keys, forgetting names of loved ones.

Mom eases your mind and tells you it’s no big deal. But as it happens more and more, your concerns grow; you start thinking, “What can I do?”

Your parents, who once appeared to have it all together, may need more help as they get older.

Exploring ways to help your childhood hero is what any good child would do. You’re in the right place. The help you need is right here.

Dear Journal,

Tomorrow I present my project in class. But I don’t want to speak in front of everyone.

Although my presentation is awesome, I know that I’m going to sound like a little kid with my lisp. My teacher, Mr. Sims, told us communication is important, and giving speeches will happen throughout our lives. How can I be taken seriously when I sound like this?

Right now, I’m in school, but what about when I interview for a job or meet someone I want to get to know? Will they take me seriously? I feel so frustrated, and this speech impediment messes with my self-confidence. I wish I knew what to do…

~ SL

What did you say?

It’s your first day on a new project – which means a new team. You’re anxious to meet everyone. Not because of the tough nature of the project, but because you hope everyone will be able to understand your speech.

Ever since your recent promotion, you find yourself interacting more with important clients and employees on video conferences and phone calls. Although you know your stuff, you find yourself embarrassed and trying to plow through each sentence, hoping you aren’t asked the dreaded question, “What did you say?”

You can take a deep breath –
senior citizen, senior in high
school, or somewhere in between.

You’re in the right place.

Take your first step in the right direction
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Hello, I’m Dr. Kelli,

I am a doctor of speech language pathology with a passion for working with young adults, adults, and seniors who need speech therapy services.

With the world changing and health being at the forefront of everyone’s mind, teletherapy is the new way to go. Technology allows me to connect with my clients with a convenient click of a button. Clients can enjoy sessions from the safety and comfort of their homes.

The act of communicating is something that should be cherished, but it is often taken for granted. In my profession, I work with those desiring to improve or restore various aspects of their communication abilities.

I tailor a program specific to your personal goals – to help you achieve fluidity in your speech.

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You’re already in the right place. Whether you want to get rid
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