Speech and Language

Cuteness in speech can lead to later problems.

“They sound so cute!” “They’ll grow out of it…”

These are a couple of phrases you may have heard growing up. But you’re all grown up now, and you didn’t “grow out of it.”

You’re an adult who wants to be taken seriously. Well, you’re not alone.

Many clients comment that they want to sound their age and complain that their lisp or difficulty producing letters such as “r” or “s” prevent this.

You’ve come to the right place because Serenity Speech Therapy can help.

Articulation makes speech intelligible.

You may not have heard of “the magic rule of 8.” By age 8, all speech sounds should be developed.

“R” is historically the toughest sound for children to learn and is often the last sound they get. For some, it continues to be difficult throughout adolescence and adulthood, which means you or your loved one produce “wabbit” when trying to say “rabbit.”

Producing articulate speech requires appropriate timing and placement of articulators (lips, tongue, teeth, cheeks, and nose). The movement of each articulator and how air moves through them are critical to the production of a specific sound.

There are exercises and techniques that I teach to improve timing and placement of these parts to increase speech intelligibility.

Serenity Speech Therapy can help with this.

Stuttering creates anxiety.

Your boss looks in your direction… it’s time, the moment you have been dreading all week. The presentation you’ve prepared for months is perfect. There is only one problem: you must stand in front of everyone to deliver the presentation.

Sound familiar? It may not be a work presentation. It could be a book report for class, reading the announcements at church, or placing a phone call.

If you can relate, then you are not alone.

Stuttering is the disruption to the flow of speech by involuntary repetitions; prolongations of sounds, words, syllables, or phrases; or involuntary pauses or blocks.

What causes stuttering?

There are many theories about what causes stuttering, but no absolute cause has been reported to date. Some theories include genetics, trauma, environmental circumstances, feeling pressure to speak.

What we do know is there is a disconnect with muscle coordination during speech production.

Serenity Speech Therapy can provide you with relief and teach you how to decrease your stutter significantly.

Others have overcome stuttering through therapy.

Speech therapy has been able to help many people over the years, including a few people you may have heard of before.

Did you know that Joe Biden, Ed Sheeran, James Earl Jones, Samuel L. Jackson, Emily Blunt, and Carly Simon all suffered from stuttering?

When you hear them speak today, you would never be able to tell.

The exercises and techniques that are taught in speech therapy can help you, just like it has helped so many others.

SpeechEasy helps with stuttering.

Thanks to the miracles of technology, there is a highly advanced stuttering aid available called the SpeechEasy that has been proven to improve stuttering significantly.

The SpeechEasy was developed based on the Choral Effect. The Choral Effect occurs when people who stutter speak or sing in unison with others, and their stutter dramatically decreases or is eliminated. The choral effect has been researched and proven to work for decades and is now available as a tiny, wearable device.

The SpeechEasy is comparable to a hearing aid in appearance and size, but it works specifically for fluent speech. The SpeechEasy modifies sounds that travel through the device, so you hear your voice at a different pitch and with a slight delay. This process recreates the choral effect resulting in increased fluent speech.

SpeechEasy works for Parkinson’s Disease.

Parkinson’s Disease is progressive, and, unfortunately, there is presently no cure. As Parkinson’s progresses, the muscles used for speech become weaker, affecting communication with loved ones.

SpeechEasy PD can help. The SpeechEasy PD tool can help to regain your speech by increasing speech intelligibility for those with Parkinson’s.

You can download a free fluency app for Parkinson’s patients called Parkinson’s Speech Aid. It is currently only available for Apple products. Parkinson’s Speech Aid uses altered auditory feedback to simulate the choral effect (speaking simultaneously with another person).

SpeechEasy devices are available through licensed professionals.

All SpeechEasy providers are state-licensed, ASHA-certified speech language pathologists.

As a SpeechEasy provider for Charlotte, North Carolina, and surrounding areas, I can answer your questions and provide you with information regarding the device.

For more information call Serenity Speech Therapy to schedule an evaluation and find out if the SpeechEasy devices are right for you.

Overcome your speech and language problems.

Serenity Speech Therapy offers help with speech patterns resulting from Parkinson’s and early development.

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