Accent Modification

Accents provide group identification.

“Where are you from? You have an interesting accent.”

This may sound odd to you, because as a speaker you think, “I don’t have an accent.”

Accents are a large part of the way we speak and serve as a representation of our cultural backgrounds.

There are typically two different kinds of accents, foreign and geographical. Both include differences in the way words are pronounced.

The native language influences accents.

A foreign accent occurs when English is learned as your second language.

In this instance, your pronunciation of words will be influenced by the way you pronounce words in your primary language, as well as the sounds associated with that language.

Differences in English accents can be seen in people from different language groups.

Geography defines accents in native English speakers.

A geographical/regional accent is how people can decipher what part of the country is your ‘home’ base.

Both word choices and pronunciation provide indicators of your geographic origin. In North America, these accents are generally categorized by north, south, midwestern, etc. I won’t bother to bore you with the breakdown of each, I’m sure you get the point.

What is the standard accent for America?

The midwestern accent is what we call Standard American English or SAE. This is the accent associated with education and business.

SAE is perceived as more formal and business-like and therefore conveys a professional image. SAE is typically the way news broadcasters, politicians, and other public figures speak.

It’s just an accent, not an impediment.

An accent is not a disorder, does not have a medical diagnosis, and does not require therapy. Accents change over time and can be improved to coincide with the Standard American English accent.

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