About Speech Therapy

Speech therapy available at home.

Teletherapy is as simple as one, two, three. Power on your computer, tablet, or cell phone, and answer the video call.

Say hello! And, just like that, you’re in session.

Serenity Speech Therapy uses a simple platform that clients of all ages can access.

People don’t know much about speech therapy… until they need it.

Having a speech impediment can significantly affect your daily life and ultimately your self-confidence.

Working with a speech therapist can address your speech concerns, such as saying “wabbit” instead of “rabbit” or speaking with a lisp.

During your sessions, you’ll hear improvements with your production of target sounds. You can stop worrying whether people understand you or take you seriously – because they will.

For seniors who have experienced a health emergency, such as a stroke, or have been diagnosed with dementia or dysphagia (swallowing disorder), I can help.

At Serenity Speech Therapy, the treatment plan I design will be tailored specifically for YOU.

How does speech therapy via telepractice work?

Teletherapy is simple and easy to use. An hour before your speech therapy session, you will receive an email with a link. When it is time for your session, click the link.

This will take you to the virtual waiting room. I will click a button and welcome you with a smile!

Our sessions are conducted as if we were in person. The only difference is that you will be in the comfort of your own home and can save money on gas!

It all starts with your consultation.

Go for it! Pick up the phone and call or click the link below to schedule your consultation. You have waited long enough, so start your journey today!

Let’s get started!

Take a deep breath and let’s chat. Call me at (828) 548-3155.

Hi, I’m Dr. Kelli Uitenham.

Every day that I get to work with a client on their goals is a day that my passion is fulfilled.

A lot of private speech therapy companies cater to small children. Serenity Speech Therapy caters to a mature demographic: teens, seniors, and everyone in between.

As a full time and travel speech therapist, I’ve worked in rehabilitation, skilled nursing facilities, and assisted living and independent living facilities up and down the East Coast and in the Midwest. My travels provided me with invaluable experiences learning how other therapists practice in different parts of the country.

As a doctor of speech language pathology, I know the limitations of the world’s new normal. Health and safety are at the forefront of everyone’s minds, now more than ever. Given the importance of speech therapy services, you may wonder whether you should risk going out for speech therapy or risk having a home health speech therapist visit your house.

Well, now you don’t have to stress about risking your health. Today’s technology allows me to make speech therapy available to anyone, anywhere.

Something Personal

When I am not working with my clients on their personal goals, I am enjoying an adrenaline rush on my motorcycle; spending time with my Teacup Yorkie, Braxton; or enjoying a good documentary.

Here’s some feedback from past clients.

“You are so patient; thank you for making this so easy.”

“I really like how you incorporate my son’s interests into sessions to keep his attention.”

“I’m so pleased with my progress; you’re so good.”

“I’m so happy that I’ve graduated, but I’ll miss our sessions.”

“Now that you have taught me how to analyze my speech; I can hear the errors a lot easier – and I can correct it before it happens.”

Don’t wait, schedule your consultation today!

If you need speech therapy for yourself, a loved one, or even if you just have questions, then please contact me today at (828) 548-3155.